Someone Took A 195 Gigapixel Panorama Photo Of Shanghai And People Are Finding Funny Things In It (Add Yours)

While smartphone cameras are getting better and better, there's just so little you can achieve with them compared to a professional digital camera. To be honest, the technology of digital cameras and smartphone cameras are light years apart. Yes, of course, you can take pretty decent photos with your phone, but can you zoom in on people's faces who are miles away from you? Well, you probably didn't even know that was possible with any camera! And if that's the case, this Chinese company called Big Pixel has something very interesting to demonstrate.

The company uses technology which allows taking photos with hundreds of billions of pixels. In comparison, the average smartphone camera has 12 megapixels which are equal to 12 million pixels. The company recently posted a panorama photo which is 195 gigapixels, and that is 195 billion pixels. Knowing that you can get pretty sharp photos with your phone, the technology used by Big Pixel is absolutely mind-blowing. Below, you can see  the photo with hundreds of billions of pixels which was taken at the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The online tool provided by the company allows people to explore not only this particular photo but many others too.  If you want to play this treasure hunt yourself, don't forget to explore Big Pixel's website and upload your best finds here!

#1 Zoomed In And Found This Gem

#2 Hello There, Observant Person!

#3 Bucket

#4 Special Protected Fire Hydrant

#5 Hello Darkness My Old Friend

#6 Uh Oh