Guy Asks What Should He Do With His Fiancee Who Went Ballistic After He Spent Part Of “Their” Wedding Funds On Dog’s Surgery

Dogs are friendly, affectionate, but, most importantly, loyal. They’re willing to do everything for their humans. So, it’s only fair we do everything in our power to take care of them, right? Well, one woman doesn’t think so. When Reddit user Unsurebigbig spent $5,000 for his German Shepherd’s surgery, his fiancée went ballistic. You see, even though the money was his savings, it was also part of their wedding budget. The bride-to-be was furious that they’d have to downsize the ceremony for a 10-year-old dog, so she went into full ignore mode. Unable to figure out what to do, Unsurebigbig asked the internet for advice.

Image credits: Laura Nicola (not the actual photo)

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