2019 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a few years since I have done a Holiday Gift Guide and I thought it was about time again! I try and save things that I have been loving over the last year that are unique. I love seeing people’s lists of favorites, but sometimes I feel like they can be a little boring with the same old things over and over.While I am not claiming to be an original here, I am sharing only things in my categories that I know and love.Continue reading 2019 Holiday Gift Guide at Cookies and Cups.

Dad Says His 10-Year-Old Must Be Out Of Her Mind After Seeing Her Gift List

Kids love Christmas and it’s not only the opportunity to spend time with their families, have fun with decorating their homes and eating delicious meals that get them excited about the holiday. In fact, the best part for them is probably the gifts. After waiting the whole year to ask for the latest gadgets and trendy toys, kids finally start to list their wishes. While it’s easier for parents whose children still believe in Santa Claus, since they can blame him for not meeting all of their kids’ demands, having older kids is a different story.More info: | InstagramRecently a father shared his daughter Christmas wish list that left people cracking upImage credits: callmemrjohnsonTake for instance this 10-year-old who made a list of gifts so long that it would last for another 10 Christmas. The father who was left in disbelief posted the list on his Twitter account and people were left in stitches.Image credits: a_johnson412Image credits: a_johnson412The list read as follows…

This Guy Finds Anime Lookalikes Of People And Others Join In (41 Pics)

@ahegaoangeI has offered Twitter users a nice deal: pictures of their anime doppelgängers in exchange for retweets. And it's been paying off for both sides. So far, @ahegaoangeI has got 25.2K retweets and their authors have received an interesting selection of their lookalikes. Needless to say, the initiator of the exchange can't keep up with the demand, but he's doing a mighty fine job considering the amount of "requests" he's receiving.Ever wanted to see what an animated version of you would look like? Retweet this post and who knows, maybe you'll win the lottery and @ahegaoangeI will pick you as his next lucky subject.After you're done scrolling through this article, check out American artist Rober DeJesus turning strangers' photos into anime versions of themselves here and here.#1Image credits: ahegaoangeI#2Image credits: ahegaoangeI#3Image credits: HEXTAPEofficial#4Image credits: ahegaoangeI#5Image credits: ahegaoangeI#6Image credits: ahegaoa…